• 2024 (Projected)

    Distribution begins: Film festival premier and theatrical release. Play additional film festivals and public screenings. Followed by TV broadcast, international distribution, and the beginning of educational distribution.

  • 2023 (Projected)

    Post-production Part 4: Polish film for premiere and distribution: Minor refinements. Record and add music score. Finalize subtitles. Perform sound mix and color correction.

  • 2023 (Projected)

    Post-Production Part 3 - Fine-cut (nearly final film): Test screenings of complete rough-cut (draft) and refine into nearly final film. Finalize rights for archival materials.

  • 2012 - 2022 (being finalized)

    Post-Production Part 2 - Complete Rough-Cut (draft): Conducted test-screenings of 77 minutes of excerpts with audience surveys to inform further work. Performed supplementary filming for specific scenes in 6 countries and 83 locations creating 44 hours of additional footage. Conducted research worldwide to gather extensive additional archival material, expanding the film's catalog to more than 5,000 historical photos, more than 100 hours of archival footage, and selected war crimes trial excerpts. Prepared archive-based scripts for 20 voice actor stand-ins of the words of deceased survivors, murdered Jews, a rescuer, a local collaborator, and Nazi perpetrators in their languages (with English translations). Supervised and conducted 20 voice actor recording sessions in Yiddish, Latvian, Russian, and German. Researched and located art, music,and artifacts relevant to the film's story. Created custom maps of the country, region, and ghetto for specific scenes.Completed a full rough-cut of 4 1/2 hours for TV (a shortened version will be shown in theaters).

  • 2010-12 (completed)

    Post-Production Part 1: Initial Rough-cut Excerpts (drafts of parts pf the film) – 76 minutes: Easiest parts of the film to assemble and edit. Add narration, and temporary placeholder music.

  • 2009-2010 (completed)

    Film for three separate 7-8 day periods in Latvia, coast-to-coast in the U.S., and again in Latvia, conducting 30 interviews and capturing "B roll" for a total of 60 hours of footage.

  • 2007-2008 (completed)

    Develop shooting script. Begin selecting potential archival content. Capture "B roll" footage of relevant events. Produce and edit initial trailer.

  • 2004-2007 (completed)

    Concept, basic research, scouting of sources of archival content, initial pre-interviews, project planning, development of story and treatment.