Production Team

Mitchell Lieber, Producer-Director
Mitchell Lieber, Producer-Director, spent his early career working in broadcast news, public affairs, engineering, and management. He produced and hosted 125 documentaries and interviews on Chicago's WNIB-FM (now WDRV) as station public affairs director. Lieber’s earlier WNIB program, This Is A Test, was described by critic Ray Townley as “the most culturally satisfying program on the air" in Chicago.
As a consultant to broadcasters, Mitchell Lieber guided WNIB to FCC approval of a major power increase, boosting the station’s value by about 20% (it later sold for $165 million). Similarly, he recommended the FCC licensing strategy that created Kansas City’s 100,000-watt KKFI-FM and helped develop an educational TV station in Chicago.
In 2002, Lieber created the website,, which grew to 140 pages and hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. It is a source or reference for ten Wikipedia pages. From 2007-12 he produced and directed four documentary short films related to the Holocaust in Latvia.
Mitchell Block, Executive Producer
Mitchell Block, Executive Producer, was Executive Producer of the documentary short, Big Mama, which won the category’s 2001 Academy Award, and of Poster Girl, nominated in the category in 2011. In 2008, his short film, No Lies (1973), was selected for the National Film Registry by the Librarian of Congress. He conceived, co-created, and executive-produced the Emmy Award-winning 10 hour PBS series, Carrier (2008). He has forty years of experience in broadcasting and documentaries.
Jason Kliot, Co-Producer
Jason Kliot, Co-Producer, is the producer of more than 40 narrative features and documentaries. He and Alex Gibney produced Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (PBS Independent Lens), nominated for the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature. He has produced films and television series by directors such as Brian De Palma, Jim Jarmusch, and Steven Soderbergh. Kliot’s films have won two Sundance Grand Jury Prizes, Venice's Silver Lion for Best Director, and the Cannes Film Festival’s Jury Prize.
Beth Sternheimer, Co-Producer
Beth Sternheimer, Co-Producer, co-produced the four-hour PBS series, The Calling (2011), and associate produced the Emmy nominated of Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North, seen on PBS's P.O.V. She was producer of the one-hour Holocaust-related documentary seen on PBS, Refuge: Stories of the Self-Help Home. Among others, Beth Sternhemer produced exhibit videos for the National WWII Museum and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.
Sid Lubitsch, Director of Photography
Sid Lubitsch, Director of Photography, is also cinematographer for the PBS series Craft in America and many of Emmy Award winner Tod Lending's PBS documentaries. He filmed Holocaust documentaries such as Auschwitz, Out of Faith, and The Optimists. Sid Lubitsch’s work is also seen on the BBC, A&E, HGTV, MSNBC, National Geographic TV, and NBC’s Dateline.
Rich Pooler, Principal Sound Recordist
Rich Pooler, Principal Sound Recordist, has recorded sound for PBS documentaries since the early 1990s including for the programs P.O.V., Frontline, Nova, Ken Burns’ Jazz, and Independent Lens' Milking the Rhino. His sound is frequently heard on programs such as ABC’s Nightline, NBC’s Dateline, and CBS’s Sixty Minutes.
Additional Production Team Members
The production team of more than 80 includes associate and assistant producers, location camera operators, location sound recordists, production assistants, translators for seven languages, historical researchers, research and production interns, and associate and assistant editors.

Historical and Academic Advisors

Edward Anders
Edward Anders is Professor of Chemistry Emeritus, University of Chicago and a leading historian on the Holocaust in Latvia. He is the author or editor of numerous books on the topic, particularly about the country’s third-largest city, Liepaja. These include the Liepaja Memorial Book, the English edition of History of Latvian Jews, and 19 Months in a Cellar. He is the author of the website and database.
Professor Peter Boltuc
Peter Boltuc is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Illinois, Springfield where he is director of graduate studies in philosophy and prior department chair. Professor Boltuc holds dual PhDs in philosophy from Bowling Green State University and Warsaw University in Poland. One of his main areas of specialization is moral and political philosophy.
Professor Andrew Ezergailis
Andrew Ezergailis is Professor of History Emeritus, Ithaca College, and author of numerous books and journal articles about the Holocaust in Latvia. Among his books are Stockholm Documents: The German Occupation of Latvia, 1941–1945: What Did America Know? and the often referenced The Holocaust in Latvia 1941-1944, published in English by the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C.
Professor Ruvin Ferber
Professor Ruvin Ferber is Chairman of the Judaic Studies Center at the University of Latvia. The Center conducts courses, operates a library, and organizes a bi-annual conference on Baltic Jewry. It created the Holocaust Memorial Places in Latvia website. Professor Ferber is Chairman of its Latvia Jewish Names Project, which researched and developed a database reconstructing the names and fates of Latvian Jews killed in the Holocaust.
Ilya Lensky
Ilya Lensky is the Director of the Jewish Museum of Latvia in Riga and has held that position since 2008. He is a graduate of the History and Philosophy Department of the University of Latvia, specializing in modern and contemporary history. His fields of interest include Latvia's Jewish history with an emphasis on modernization of the Jewish community, Jewish-Latvian relations, and Holocaust commemoration.
Dr. Gregory Stanton
Dr. Gregory Stanton is founder and Chair of both Genocide Watch and the International Alliance to End Genocide (61 organizations from 24 countries). A professor for 16 years, he is past president of the International Association of Genocide Scholars as well as author of the Ten Stages of Genocide. He helped develop the Rwanda and Khmer Rouge genocide tribunals. Dr. Stanton received the Harriman Award for "exemplifying intellectual courage" as a State Department employee who dissented on U.S. policy during the genocide in Rwanda.
Professor Aivars Stranga
Professor Aivars Stranga is Chair of the Department of Latvian History at the University of Latvia and chairs the Holocaust Working Group of the Latvian President’s Commission of Historians. He is also Vice-Chair of the Judaic Studies Center at the University of Latvia. His primary areas of research are the history of Latvia in the 20th century and the history of Jews in Latvia.
Margers Vestermanis
Margers Vestermanis is the founder of the Jewish Museum of Latvia. Under his leadership, the museum was established and amassed more than 12,000 units of archival material. Perhaps Latvia’s leading Holocaust historian, he is the author of books and scholarly papers on the Holocaust in Latvia.
Adjunct Historical Advisors
Additional historians in Europe, the U.S., and Israel who specialize in specific areas of the Holocaust in Latvia advise the documentary.

Advisor Organizations

Council of Jewish Communities of Latvia - Riga, Latvia
Chairman: Arkady Suharenko
Liaison: Gita Umanovska, Executive Director
Jewish Survivors of Latvia USA - Flushing, New York
President: David Silberman
Liaison: Ivar Brod, Board Member
Association of Latvian and Estonian Jews in Israel - Tel Aviv, Israel
Chairman: Eliahu Valk
Liaison: Eliahu Valk, Chairman