Clip of filming  Rumbula’s Echo at Rumbula Memorial

Rumbula's Echo

Documentary Film
How a huge mass shooting of the Holocaust changed a family, a country, and our world today.


I walk past the forest’s eyes,
My shoulder feels the swish of the lashes of the pines,
Under my feet a mound of earth sighs.
Those are the only sounds.
And I stop,
To stop all sound.

And no longer can I hold the dam.
That my sight broke down.
The wood is full of shrieks,
The wood is full of shrieks.
The shudders cleaving on the pine trees,
Bark made craggy by the Horror.

The dirt that covered those interred alive—
Those mounds that kept quivering until the dawn.

by Ojars Vacietis
Translated by Anna, Inta, and Andrew Ezergailis in The Holocaust in Latvia 1941-1944.

In Rumbula's Echo, a genealogy search leads
to one of the Shoah's largest two-day massacres.

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Brilliant examination of a Holocaust mass murder by bullets.
Unforgettable survivor testimonies in this major Holocaust documentary.
Dr. Elliot Lefkovitz
Holocaust Studies Professor, Loyola University

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